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Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
about how it extends throughout the ecosystem to provide all of the local -- all of the local communications and telecom that has to go in. all of the proliferation of mobility twices creates more demabds for infrastructure, good on both sides of the business. >> if that's the case, and it's a secular growth story, in 2013, you said this isn't going to be a total washout. 7 1/2 times earnings, we will buy what market wants to sell us? >> yeah, jim. we haven't made a call in 2013. as you referenced, we came out with what we thought was more muted outlook for the december quarter. lower than the normal guidance, but apparently some people were presently surprised. i tell you, we have on our buyback, total authorization of 7.50, through the end of the september quarter, 456 million, since october 1st, another $60 million, and an active participant. at these levels as we do our own valuation, on an intrinsic valuation basis, we're a good investment, and capital, new a m&a, we'll take the opportunity to do so, and we're active with the program. >> very right when you come into bu
Oct 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
's president and ceo. take a tour of their local steel plant. mr. griffin, welcome to "mad money." have a seat, jim. >> thank you, jim. >> thank you so much. we had kind of a strange thing today, a bit of a fiasco. we've got all this new tech that everybody's excited about, the internet. and we've got a company that we all thought was doing pretty well. maybe not doing so well. maybe a slowdown. we also had a fiasco where a release was -- because of technology run amok -- done midday. it was terrible. but there's another kind of technology. it's the kind of technology you've exposed me here today to, timken. could you talk about the technology that is not the personal computer and is not the internet but is something that's putting people to work and you're having great success with? >> jim, timken's a technology company. as you said, we're 100 years old. we were founded by a guy who invented the tapered bearing. for 100 years that's basically all we made. in the last decade we've transformed ourselves and the transformation started when we recognized it's what we know, not what we sell that's
Oct 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
strength of our business, what we have been doing for our customers, or the localization of our capacity in the emerging markets in china or south korea or mexico are really helping us to capitalize on what has been a solid trend here in north america. >> one of the big weaknesses in due pot was titanium dioxide, a whitener which has been responsible for 60% of the growth in the last two quarters. you are a buyer of titanium dioxide. i presume that dupont's woes could be good for your company. >> we've experienced quite a bit of inflation over the past two years. and still, year over year in the third quarter here in 2012, the prices for tio 2 in north america are higher than they were a year ago. that trend has changed during 2012. we have seen some declines, prices are still higher than they were last year, but we are finally getting moderation in this chemical commodity that is an important component in our formulations and we think this would be a help for us going forward as we no longer have to engage in these aggressive measures to reduce the impact of this tio2 inflation in our r
Oct 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to invest in acompany that would let you get some sleep at night. which is what i had at the local doubletree. >> thank you for taking my call. it is an honor to speak with you. this fly fishing instructor from the university of tennessee wants to know, what is up with fo ford? >> it is a rocket flying too low in europe. where they were six years ago they decided to reinvent the company and close a lot of factories i think they will. but because of europe the stock has been a disappointment. devan in ohio. >> booyah, jim. i was wondering about disney. >> i like that deal. i think bob did it again. they own star wars. what a franchise. people laughed when it happened. not how people laughed -- whatever. believe me, it is not going to be like laugh in. if that stock opens down as all tomorrow. buy disney. let's go to brett in texas. >> hello, thank you for taking my call. i want to send you a baylor bears booyah. >> fair enough. >> i'm a graduate student looking to get a little growth in my portfolio as i near graduati graduation. i'm looking for companies that have pulled back with
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
are local, usually small mom and pop feed grain places like the one my family uses that i fear actually might falter simply because it's within tractor supply's 20-minute radius. there is very little overlap with lowe's or home depot here, and that's allowing them to take market share. plus a rebound play on the housing rebound. ulta is also taking share in the beauty business. the company is already the leading specialty retailer of cosmetics in america, out of nowhere. but even as the leader, ulta only controls about 2.8% of the beauty products market. and that's 2% of the salon services market. a ton of room for them to keep taking market share. both companies have healthy inventory levels. ulta increased by 3.9% on same store sales basis. but it's growing at 9.3%. that's good. tractor stores declined on a 3.9% basis. it means you have to discount to move product, which kills the profit margins. your balance sheets are spotless. ulta has no debt. tractor supply has barely any debt. the growth guys hate debt. what about management? ulta's ceo chuck rubin has proven himself since he to
Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of that 2 billion that we spent to acquire oil and gas rights have gone right in the pockets of local land owners in this area. and then you get a royalty. and the royalty is anywhere from 1/8 to 3/16 generally of all the oil and gas that we produce from here for the rest of time. >> i see movies telling me no, the story here is dirty fracking, the story is unhappy residents are, that they get the money but then you destroy them, you destroy their land. that's the story i read about. what's the matter with that story? it res naitsz. i see it. big box office success telling that story. >> other than it's 100% wrong. natural gas is the reason america has led the world in carbon reduction in the last four years. you read those crazy, you know, stories but the reality is, jim, that we've been fracking wells in this country since 1949 and our company has drilled 16,000 wells and used hydraulic fracturing on all of them. >> let's see your work. show us around. >> great. >> jim, what we're standing on top of today are -- is a drilling fluid system. i do want you to look around and notice the gent
Oct 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to the local credit unions. and many have trade-ins as well. but there are about a third that do come in with cash. and, you know, we've seen credit come back very strong. we're as good as we were before the recession right now as far as approval rates are concerned. >> one last question. if the people didn't buy your vehicles, would they be using that money for an expensive vacation? would they be using that money for someone else's product that is not that good, sore this just discretionary money that people are hanging around that people are getting because things aren't as bad as we think? >> well, you know, i think it's a little bit of both, jim. most of the people that buy our products have found that it's the most applicable solution for what they want to do. whether it's a recreation -- our recreation customer, often this is their vacation, or, you know, this is what they choose to do on the weekends as a family activity. on the work side, we quite frankly think we offer the best value for whatever might need to be done. it's better than a used pickup truck in some case. it's
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)